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Empowering Progress and Growth

Discover the SALT Initiative and unlock your full potential. Our personal development programs are designed to help you grow and thrive in all aspects of life. We are here to serve, affirm, love, and transform you on your path towards self-discovery.

Get Ready To Be



Life Coach

Empower yourself to thrive with our life coaching program, designed to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals with confidence and clarity.


Keynote Speaker

Elevate your event with a captivating keynote speaker that inspires, educates, and leaves a lasting impact on your audience.


Faith Guidance

Find clarity and direction in your faith journey with SOS (Save Ourselves), offering guidance rooted in timeless wisdom to navigate the social and cultural transitions of the 21st century, just as Apostle Paul did.

SALT Podcast
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The SALT Talk is the podcast where we get real and have candid conversations about healing and recovery. Together, we will explore topics of mental health challenges, addiction, spirituality, and more. Our guests will share their personal stories and discuss how their work serves, affirms, loves, and transforms those they encounter. Join us for each episode as we bring light to the darkness and get salty about the things that matter most.

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The Mind Behind SALT Initiative

Jermine Alberty has 25 years of experience serving in nonprofit, faith communities, mental health, and city government and has worked in the mental health field as an educator and trainer for 12 years. He is a national Mental Health First Aid USA trainer, the Executive Director of Pathways to Promise, and the former Senior Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church. Alberty holds a bachelor's and Master of Divinity degrees.

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